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What kind of parent do you think Seto Kaiba would make to his own little girl? 

9 deviants said Overly protective
2 deviants said A drop whatever he's doing and spend the day with her type dad
2 deviants said Call the nanny and let her take care of the child
1 deviant said Doting
No deviants said Chillaxed
No deviants said Could care less if she even continues to exist
No deviants said Send her off to Boarding School as soon as she can walk and talk
No deviants said Put it up for adoption as soon as plausible
We've all be victims of horrendous fashions either courtesy of Fashion Magazines touting them as 'perfectly wearable' or our mothers pulling out a dress they wore as little girls that were 'cute as buttons'. Then there's the celeb factor that drove us to want the fashions they were wearing.

I'm about to make you say 'oh dear god NO!' when I tell you what things from the 80's that are making a come back.

13-MC Hammer Pants aka Parachute Pants aka Genie Pants--yes I was in Wal-Mart and in the kids section there they were,     like a horrible flash back to when I was in sixth grade and my mother bought them for me in every single color available as       an eleventh birthday present. Did I wear them? Not on your fucking life! I smiled and said 'thank you' to her and that night  
    they went right into the bag of clothes that were ready for donations to chairty--let some other schmuck wear them and think
    they're cool, I had a school uniform I had to wear Monday to Friday.

12- High Collared Jackets--Again in the Women's Section of Wal-Mart! My mom bought me one back when I was in eighth    
     grade and believe me, it too went in the donation bag. Just wasn't my style and I HATED it to the nth degree!

11- Floppy Fisherman Style Camp Hats: Arrrrrrrgh NO! Something else my mother bought me, I'm sorry but NO! I was NOT    
    allowed to wear it to school as I had a school issued uniform hat I had to wear Monday to Friday and Saturdays and Sundays I     wore a ball cap. They look cute on Girl Guides and Brownies but COME ON! REALLY? The ones I've seen were HORRIBLE and       took me back to when I was a kid and mom bought these huge assed floppy hats to go with the stupid looking sundresses  
    she'd bought for me. I wore one during Summer Camp as a Brownie and Girl Guide and that was it.

10- Duckies- they're like loafers for rainy days, I had a pair in every color except green,yellow,white and black. BUT I had to  
    change out of them once I got to school and put on my school shoes.

Girls you might remember these if you were a kid in the 80's:

9- Safety Pin Earrings: My mother is guilty of this one,this is how she pierced my ears at 3 years old. She super heated a
    saftey pin then sterilized it with peroxide and poked a hold in my ear lobe and closed the safety pin earring. I was in
    EXCRUCIATING Pain for HOURS through the course of my third birthday party because of these stupid earrings that I was NOT
    allowed to touch or have removed until bed time and believe me you when they came out my ears bled like crazy and were
    swollen the next day, but that didn't matter to my mom, she'd come in the next morning and in those damned safety pin
    earrings went because they were the 'epitome' of fashion and she wanted me to be 'fashionable'. What she didn't forsee was
    the excruciatingly painful INFECTION that occurred as a result of being forced to wear Safety Pin Earrings ALL THE FUCKING
   TIME Despite the fact they hurt like hell.

8-Jelly Necklaces--They're NOT what you think, they're NOT made out of Jelly. They're plastic necklaces that were super
   popular when I was a kid and as a result of their absurd popularity and as a safety concern my school banned them. They
   came in a wide variety of Neon and Glow In The Dark Colors.

7-SLAP BRACELETS. Yes I know I have a few MLP Slap Bracelets but these things were absurdly popular in the 80's and 90's
   then sorta kinda fell out of fashion. You were literally NO BODY if you did NOT have a slap bracelet on your arm and at least a
   doze to trade with other girls.

6-Metallic Soothers- I don't even know WHY these things are coming back in fashion! They were popular when I was in High
   School, everyone who was ANYONE had a collection of these things. Sadly because I went to a Catholic these weren't allowed
   because it was considered a safety concern. Did I collect them? Yep did I wear them in public? Nope Do I still have them?

5-Mood Rings- I had a shit tonne of these growing up that I kept hidden from my sisters in a locked treasure chest as they    
   would claim I 'stole' them out of their collection.

4-Minnie Mouse BOWS --Seriously?! Why are they bringing these stupid things back?! My mother tied one in my hair every
   single picture day and I sure the HELL was NOT gonna wear a huge ass Minnie Mouse bow in my hair.  I'm sure other little girls    who LOVE to fuss with their hair will love those stupid bows.

3-Minnie Mouse Dresses for little girls- I'm 100% certain no little girl in this day and age wants to look like Minnie Mouse.

2- Weaveable Flower Ribbons!-My niece LOVES these things and weaves the into her hair every single day! My mother did
    everything she could to get me to allow her to weave these into my hair but I refused to allow it to happen as it would make       me late to school and I was on the move and not so much a girlie girl.

1-Corduroy Pants and Shirts
   *sigh* Please bury these and leave them in the ground! Not only did I have corduroy pants in every color, but I had matching 
    Shirts to boot. EVERYONE had corduroy pants and shirts.....why I will never understand or know. I just know when my mom's
    sister got her hands on a shipment of Children's Corduroy pants and shirts the entire shipment wound up at my aunts house 
    waiting for me to wear them. Sadly by the time I could actually WEAR them, they'd fallen out of fashion. That's what happens
    when Free Dress Days are far and few between. Really the only time Free Dress Days ever came around were near holidays 
    that was it. Usually around Christmas Time we were ever---oh wait, no. We had to wear our Holiday Themed Uniform. 

For each and everyone of these items that are listed I can give you a NOVEL the size of Gone With The Wind about all the times my mom tried to get me to wear.


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